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68.2g Formic acid gel strips for Honey bee hives


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Packaging Leaflet


Required Text: MAQS® formic 68.2 g, Impregnated strips for the bee hive
Active substance: formic acid, 68.2 g; ingredients: sucrose, corn starch, water, Ecopaper laminate; Indications: Treatment of varroasis in honeybees (Apis mellifera), caused by Varroa destructor.
Contraindications: Do not use at temperatures outside the specified range (10 to 29.5 ° C). Do not use for the treatment of smaller than stated on the label bee colonies.
For risks and side effects read the packaging leaflet and consult your veterinarian or pharmacist.
Adverse Reactions: Formic acid will initially disturb colony activities and may, within one day of application, result in queen rejection or slight increase in observed adult bee mortality. Brood mortality may occur in the initial stage of treatment. At recommended outside temperatures (see Special Warnings section) overall colony health is not expected to be negatively affected, with colony activity returning to normal after the treatment period. Warnings: During application the colony should be disturbed as little as possible. During treatment, the bees must be adequately ventilated. The maximum daily values ​​of the outside temperature should fall on the day of application from 10 to 29.5 ° C. Temperatures above this range in the first three days of treatment can lead to excessive brood mortality and queen loss. The bee colonies should at the time of treatment have sufficient food reserves and should not be fed during the treatment. When handling and applying the product, wear the usual beekeeping protective clothing. Have water readily available. In the case of accidental eye contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water, seek medical advice and show the packaging leaflet. Avoid contact with skin by wearing chemical resistant gloves. In case of accidental skin contact wash the exposed skin immediately with water and seek medical advice if irritation persists. Avoid inhalation of vapour. Only open the product container and unwrap strips outdoors, standing upwind of the product. In case of accidental inhalation move to fresh air and seek medical advice if irritation persists. Keep children well away during the application of product. Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst handling and applying the product. Always wash hands with soap and water directly after use. This product is corrosive. Keep product away from metallic surfaces. Interactions: Do not use with other acaricidal substances against varroasis.
Waiting time: Honey: Zero days. Do not harvest honey during the 7 day treatment period.
Authorization Holder: NOD Europe Ltd, 5 St Paul’s Square, Old Hall Street, L3 9AE Liverpool, UK, Tel: 00800 6277 6633
Co-distributor: Andermatt BioVet GmbH